Travel Insurance vs. Medical Travel and Complications Insurance

Medical Travel and Complications Insurance, commonly known as medical tourism insurance, is not the same as travel insurance. Many Americans, however, are still unaware of the benefits of Travel Insurance and Medical Tourism Insurance, as well as what is covered and what is not.

What Does Travel Insurance Involve?

Travel insurance is meant to cover unexpected events that occur when traveling, whether for pleasure or work. Should a covered incident occur, travel insurance can assist reduce the financial stress of unexpected financial obligations. Trip cancellation or interruption, suitcase or credit card theft, and unanticipated medical expenses while traveling abroad are all examples of these situations. It’s vital to realize that normal travel insurance only covers unexpected medical bills or emergencies for our purposes. Most travel insurance policies feature an exclusion if you are traveling for medical treatment. What’s the difference between Medical Travel and Complications Insurance? It’s all about greater exposure and travel purpose.

Insurance for Medical Tourism

Hundreds of thousands of Americans travel abroad for medical tourism, which is defined as receiving medical care or treatment in a foreign country. Unlike the type of medical emergency or accident that may trigger Travel Insurance, the procedures involved in medical tourism are meticulously planned in advance. Patients do this for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include paying less for procedures, undergoing treatments or medical procedures that have not yet been approved in their home country, and receiving care from a provider who shares the traveler’s culture and/or language.

Medical travel insurance is not the same as health insurance.

This is critical. If a person travels to another country solely for the purpose of receiving medical care, neither Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, nor Medical Travel Insurance will cover the cost of the procedure. Most patients who choose medical tourism must self-pay for their procedures, and they frequently do so because healthcare costs are lower in other countries. However, some state-funded health insurance plans in various countries are beginning to recognize the value of allowing insureds to travel for cost savings or access to care, and will occasionally pay for a procedure performed abroad. Certain procedures performed outside of the United States can save between 50% and 80% of the cost of the same procedure performed in the United States.

What Does Medical Tourism Insurance Cover?

Individual Medical Tourism Insurance covers complications that may occur during the patient’s procedure or recovery. With all of the advantages of medical tourism, there are some risks, as with any procedure. While the benefits outweigh the risks for those seeking less expensive medical care, the informed patient will still want the added protection of Medical Travel and Complications Insurance. In the event of complications, this insurance covers any financial hardship incurred while abroad or while recuperating at home. It is a must-have for anyone thinking about traveling to another country for medical treatment.

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