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Welcome to Medical Tourism Insurance

Medical Tourism Insurance uses its extensive international experience to provide distinct and customized comprehensive medical tourism insurance solutions that fit the needs of individuals, employers, hospitals, and facilitators. Our policies include a wide range of options designed to protect international patients and partners for covered complications from scheduled medical treatment overseas. With the growth of the medical tourism industry, we offer the appropriate solutions for patients and providers.


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Our products include Complication Coverage, Travel Companion Coverage, and Liability Coverage.  Contact us if you need a customized insurance product for yourself or your company and we can personally assist you.

About Medical Tourism Insurance

Medical Tourism Insurance brings you a tremendous scope of knowledge and expertise so that you can concentrate on your procedure and recovery without worrying about financial hardships that may arise from your scheduled medical procedure. We are the leader in international travel medical insurance and helping international patients, facilitators, hospitals and employers with risk mitigation options for all aspects of medical tourism globally. Read more about us.