Medical tourism in Mexico from the United States

Over a million Americans travel to Mexico each year for a variety of medical procedures, which must be noted when talking about medical tourism in Mexico from the United States. These categories comprise aesthetic procedures such as bariatric, breast augmentation, body contouring, and more lately, a spike in dental procedures.

One of the primary reasons Americans engage in medical tourism is clearly the economic aspect, since the price difference is significant, and the medical services supplied are of excellent quality.

The services provided by qualified doctors in Mexico are extremely reasonable for Americans, and this type of medical tourism package might cover the cost of tickets, medical care based on speciality, interventions, hospitalization, and therapy. Post-operative care for the patient and his or her travel companion may also be provided.

What requirements are there for medical tourism from the United States to Mexico?

People from the United States or other countries in the world who wish to receive medical treatment in Mexico must meet a number of requirements in order to carry out their plans to mix tourism with medical care from the top Mexican doctors.

Americans will always be welcomed in Mexico; nevertheless, they must meet a minimum of conditions that are required of every foreigner who intends to enter the Mexican border.

The primary requirements are:

  • Present a valid passport and the Multiple Migration Form, also known as the FMM.
  • This form is distributed to foreign passengers on board the airline, or you can request it in advance online at the following URL:;
  • Show your ticket.

What other requirements must you meet before you can begin your travel and medical aid plan?

Americans traveling to Mexico for surgical interventions or medical treatments must bring certain additional documents, including, but not limited to:

  • A previous evaluation from your current doctor to present to the specialist doctor in the clinic or hospital; and a copy of your current insurance card.
  • Proof of current relevant payments with the insurance carrier. This will ensure that your initial consultation is examined and that you are referred to a specialist surgeon, and the same firm may also guarantee reimbursement for hospitalization bills, professional fees, and prescriptions.

What advantages do American patients have when they travel to Mexico with a Medical Tourist Insurance policy?
Traveling to Mexico as an American insured can save you 40% to 70% on cosmetic operations and surgical interventions.

In the case of bariatric and dental procedures, it is possible to earn up to a 75% discount if performed in the United States. Orthopedic procedures and treatments might be discounted by up to 70%.

Medication and prescriptions for Americans undergoing surgery or other types of medical treatment can be discounted by up to 30%.

Why do Americans travel to Mexico for medical treatment?
Americans are determined to find outstanding medical tourism services wherever they travel. Mexico has internationally known specialists who are regarded as the best in all medical areas. Americans desire to witness the beauty that Mexico has to offer in addition to obtaining effective bariatric, cosmetic, dental, and orthopedic treatment. Citizens who undergo surgery or any other sort of medical treatment might receive up to a 30% discount on the cost of drugs.

What tourist attractions does Mexico have for medical health tourism patients?
The following are some of the most popular tourist sites for patients who desire to mix health and recreation:

  • Mexico City,
  • Mexicali,
  • Cancun,
  • Guadalajara,
  • Ensenada,
  • Ciudad Juarez,
  • Querétaro,
  • Rosarito,
  • Reynosa,
  • Tecate,
  • Tijuana,
  • Nuevo Laredo,
  • San Luis de Potosí,
  • Puebla,
  • Monterrey,
  • Matamoros,
  • Navojoa,
  • Hermosillo,
  • etc.

Mexico is rapidly gaining rankings and fame for the upgrades to its medical facilities, which have been designated as “World Class” and, since 2018, have been awarded the Gold Standard title.

Mexico stands out for its prompt treatment to its patients, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Mexico is now training world-class dentists, providing students with financial assistance to complete their education in exchange for their delivering free dental care in their communities for at least a year. Mexico has made huge efforts to maximize its treatment in every medical profession, which helps to give physical and emotional care to all of their tourists.
If you are traveling for medical treatment, please verify your travel insurance policy. Most policies exclude this type of travel, therefore a separate policy may be required to cover travel-related injuries or illnesses, which can include complications coverage while you are abroad and for up to 6 months after you return home.

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