Medical Tourism in Asia

Asia has long been a leader in destinations for medical tourism. Medical tourism is when a person travels to a foreign country to receive medical care at reduced costs. Patients visit Asian countries to receive medical care and procedures for several reasons. In addition to offering cheaper prices than a patient could find in their home country, such as the U.S., Asian countries also offer comfortable and enjoyable recovery periods. Here are some interesting, and perhaps surprising, facts about medical tourism in Asia. 

Asia Truly Caters to Medical Tourists 

There are many top-of-the-line hospitals in Asia that foreigners often visit. The countries absolutely welcome these visitors and have created an atmosphere where it is easy for foreigners to acclimate. Most hospitals have international desks where patients can discuss medical matters in English and even get assistance with finding local accommodation. The bedside manner in these hospitals and medical facilities is second to none. From the time they arrive to the post-op recovery period, American patients will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Medical tourism is a valuable economic asset to these Asian countries, so the facilities want to make sure their patients have a positive experience. 

Singapore Has the Best Healthcare System in Asia 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Singapore has the number one healthcare system in the continent. Furthermore, WHO ranked Singapore’s healthcare system number 6 in the entire world. Although costs for medical procedures in Singapore are higher than in other Asian countries, they are still significantly less than costs in America. The healthcare system in Singapore is highly regulated and has to adhere to certain standards for safety. This should be a comfort to any medical tourists who choose this country for their procedures. 

Thailand Has Over 50 JCI Accredited Hospitals and Medical Facilities 

The Joint Commission International (JCI), an organization with a mission to increase international medical standards, awards their coveted accreditation to facilities that meet or exceed their standards. It is incredible that Thailand, as of a 2018 count, has over 50 accredited facilities and hospitals. Bangkok alone has 9 within its city limits, including the well known Bumrungrad International, which was the first international hospital in Asia to receive the prestigious standard. 

Complications Can Arise Even the Top Medical Tourism Destinations

Just because Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and more are the top destinations does not mean your procedures will go 100% smoothly. No one wants to consider the possibility of issues arising, but you must be realistic and realize that is is a potential threat. If you are already spending your hard-earned money on traveling to an Asian country and having medical work performed, you will not want to incur even more expenses if complications arise. This is where we can help you, by providing medical tourism complication insurance. You don’t want to have to use it, but if you do, you will be so grateful to have it. 

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