Visiting Turkey for Medical Tourism

We can clearly see a significant increase in the number of people traveling to Turkey for medical tourism from the United Kingdom and the United States. The point is that when someone in these countries is afflicted with a disease or condition that needs treatment, including surgery, it is more attainable for them to submit to the hands of doctors in other countries than in their own.Since patients can take a brief vacation while undergoing any surgical procedure, there are some insurance policies that cover these types of dual eventualities.
The economic factor, which is less burdensome for them than in their home country, is the main factor driving patients from England, Europe, and the US to immigrate to Turkey for medical treatment and surgery.

What aspects of medical tourism in Turkey are there?

These Medical Tourism Assistance have a broad range of coverage, which we will break down in the following lines:

  • Processing of each and every document required for entry into the destination country.

  • In the event of an emergency or an unforeseen accident, medical assistance will be provided during the trip.

  • Assistance in resolving situations resulting from the loss of documents, luggage, or cash during the trip. (Only processing police reports and bank contacts, not troop replacement).

  • Return tickets are available.

  • Accommodation in hotels or inns with solidarity rates near the medical care center where consultations, interventions, and hospitalization days will be carried out until complete recovery.

  • Payment of medical fees for a preliminary evaluation, following which the patient will be referred to a specialist.

  • Laboratory tests performed before surgery.

  • Professional fees are payable to the treating physician.

  • Purchase of all medications required for the pre- and post-operative periods.

  • Coverage of the necessary amount for rehabilitation days and costs.

Advantages of Medical Tourism to Turkey from England and the United States

Because the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States are collaborating with Turkey to conduct bilateral medical tourism, we will see some benefits to choosing one of these two options. When medical tourism is carried out in Turkey, tourist patients from England or the United States can take advantage of this trip and combine medical assistance with recreation by visiting some iconic tourist attractions. Another significant advantage of seeking treatment in Turkey is that they will not have to endure long waits for treatment, as they would if they sought treatment in their home country.

What sort of medical aid does Turkey offer?

As we can see below, Turkey offers a wide range of medical assistance to patients who travel from abroad to receive treatment there:

  • Service for cosmetic and bariatric surgery : these plastic surgeries include rhinoplasty and liposuction, congenital deformities, and some post-operative or post-traumatic damage are also treated because Turkey has become a leader in this type of intervention.
  • Surgery to transplant hair: the procedure varies depending on the medical indication and the needs of each patient in both modalities, the direct implantation or extraction of follicular units (TDC and FUE). In this field, Turkey has distinguished itself by drawing numerous alopecia or baldness patients.
  • Buttock lifts: the Turks are, as they say, putting on the front in this area as well. Typically, this kind of intervention involves combining others to move fat from the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs to the buttocks, and in this way, multiple results are obtained to shape a beautiful woman’s body.
  • Breast surgery: we are, of course, referring to a reconstruction of the breasts to increase or decrease sizes, always with the professionalism of the case, putting the patient’s preferences and the professional’s standards to the test.

With the assistance of qualified surgeons who have achieved international renown and are even hired from abroad to travel to other countries to perform these types of interventions due to the best budget of their professional fees, Turkey offers these and many other surgeries, including the best dental implants.

Let’s examine Turkey’s most famous locations.

We have created a short list of the most iconic locations in Turkey so that patients can fully comply with their routine. tourism, combining it with their medical needs. In order to be able to provide medical care support in Turkey to patients who come from the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • The Church of Hagia Sophia captivates visitors with its diverse beauty and impressive mosaics.
  • The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also referred to as the blue mosque, features stunning hues in serene blue tones from Iznik.
  • Without taking a tour of the Bosphorus, you cannot claim to have been familiar with Istanbul. From the boat, you can admire opulent palaces and get a feel for some aspects of city life.
  • The Ottoman-era artifacts in the Archaeological Museum will make you feel as though you are living in a different century.
  • After traveling for an hour and a half by ferry, you will be able to enjoy peace and quiet while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city on a cruise you won’t soon forget.
  • The Beylerbeyi Palace, located in Istanbul’s Asian neighborhood, served as the summer home of the Ottoman sultans. When it was first constructed in 1861, Queen Eugenia, the wife of Napoleon III, was among its most notable visitors.
  • The Ortacoy Mosque is a stunning structure with a lavish Baroque design. In front of the Bosphorus bridge, it is situated.

If you are traveling for medical treatment, please review your travel insurance policy. A specific policy may be required to cover injuries or illnesses related to travel, and it can include complications coverage while you are away and for up to 6 months after your return home. Most have an exclusion for this type of travel.

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