Solutions for Employers

If you are considering the use of Medical Tourism Programs within the Limited Benefit Medical Plan or a Self Insured Major Medical Plan, we can offer a valuable benefit. Employers can take advantage of significant savings on major healthcare expenses, such as major surgical procedures while providing their employees and families top-notch quality care. Our policy allays your concerns by insuring your medical tourism services against potential complications associated with the care and physical implications which may occur. Give your employees the freedom of choice, and give yourself the benefit of the insurance solutions to meet your exacting needs.

The Benefits for employers are:

  • Medical Tourism can save you and your employees money
  • Help retain top level Employees
  • Stay current in today’s global marketplace
  • Provide the highest level of care at a lower cost

Medical tourist insurance options include worldwide benefits to offset expenses from possible complications, worldwide stop loss attachment point gap coverage as a result of a complication and employer liability for US based employers.

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