Can you cover my travel companion who is accompanying me on my trip?

Companion coverage can be included when enrolling in benefits. We actually suggest the companion obtain coverage from the same program. If there is a travel accident where you both are involved, such as a taxi accident, you will only have to call and coordinate with one assistance service.

Where can I have a corrective procedure?

If you have a medical complication as a result of an approved medical tourism procedure, and the complication results in medically necessary treatment, your coverage will provide benefits for up to six months past the procedure date. You may receive treatment locally or return back to your original treating facility.

Who is the insurance carrier?

We have access to many carriers for different policies. Depending on the type of coverage you need, we will find the best carrier or program for you.

We represent Ironshore, Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, AIG, IMG and many other multinational A rated insurance companies.

Please ask for the details of the specific carrier for your customized placement.