Medical Tourism’s Growth Factors

As we enter a new decade, it’s clear that medical tourism is not going anywhere. The industry is growing and continues to grow each year. Only a handful of years ago, you may have heard the term “medical tourism” and wondered, “what is that?” However, now the industry is widely known, and lots of people can probably say they know someone who has engaged in the practice of traveling to receive elective medical care. But what’s behind medical tourism’s growth? 

What is driving the growth of medical tourism?

There are a number of circumstances that have conspired to make the modern world increasingly suited for medical tourism. First, traveling is easier – and more affordable – than ever before. With a range of lower-cost airlines to choose from, medical tourists can end up paying less in total for their procedure and travel costs than they would pay for only the procedure at home. In their home countries like the US and UK, patients are faced with excruciatingly long wait times, ever-increasing healthcare costs, and sometimes a lack of access to quality facilities or good health insurance. Medical tourism is designed to eliminate all of these concerns. 

How are patients finding out about medical tourism? 

As more and more people worldwide are connected to the internet, more and more people are learning about medical tourism. The increased exposure online has certainly contributed to the growing numbers of international patients. 

What has made medical tourism a more attractive healthcare option?

It takes more than online exposure to make a practice popular. It has to truly deliver the results it claims to. Traveling to receive medical care and procedures is indeed risky, but that is why there are entities such as the JCI that give medical facilities the stamp of approval for international patients. Not only that, but many international facilities and hospitals have cutting edge technology that is equal or superior to the technology found in patients’ home countries. Of course, there is also the tourism aspect to consider. The standard of care in many international facilities and hospitals is top-notch, and therefore the recovery period for patients can almost double as a vacation. This is just an added plus to medical tourism. 

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