Medical Tourism in the Caribbean

Many of the Caribbean countries are popular vacation destinations because of their stunning locales, relaxing beaches, tropical weather, and booming tourism industries. Another, perhaps lesser known draw of the Caribbean region is its world class medical facilities and healthy medical tourism market. If you are looking to engage in medical tourism, and you want to really enjoy the tourism aspect, consider traveling to a country in the Caribbean for your procedure and recovery. Here are some of the top options.


As the closest Caribbean islands for travelers from the United States, and one of the islands with English as the official language, the Bahamas are a great choice for medical tourists who don’t wish to travel far to receive great care at reduced costs. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, boasts some of the most highly regarded medical facilities in the Caribbean, including the JCI accredited Doctors Hospital. In addition to high standards and highly trained medical providers, the Bahamas are, of course, a beautiful and relaxing place to recover from a surgery or medical procedure. 


Another Caribbean country that uses English as its official language, Barbados is a well regarded destination for medical tourists from English speaking countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. From plastic surgery to fertility treatments, you can receive just about any medical service in Barbados. The island has several esteemed medical facilities, including Bayview Hospital, a member of the Medical Tourism Association. 

Cayman Islands

With an abundance of entertainment, relaxation, and other attractive elements for convalescence, the Cayman Islands should be on your list of medical tourism destinations to consider. Health City Cayman Islands is the largest hospital in the Caribbean to have received the JCI’s Gold Seal of Approval. There are a number of additional public and private hospitals and healthcare facilities as well.

Whatever operation you are considering, engaging in medical tourism is always a smart choice financially. You may very well spend 50% or less of what you’d spend for the same amount in your home country. With savings like those, and attractions like the Caribbean has to offer, we hope you’ll consider traveling to one of these countries for your medical care. If you need medical complications insurance, because even in paradise the unexpected can occur, please reach out to us today for a quote. 

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