Medical Tourism: Healthcare and a Vacation In One

Planning your summer vacation is always exciting. You aim to get away from the stress of work and everyday life and explore a new place. When you want an elective surgery, though, you may feel torn between putting your vacation money towards the surgery or procedure instead. Since elective surgeries are most likely not covered under your insurance (if you have it), the cost can be significant. What if you could get the vacation of your dreams while also getting your elective surgery for a fraction of the cost? That’s what engaging in medical tourism gives you, since it combines the two things that make up its name: medical treatment and vacationing as a tourist. 

Medical Treatment Abroad 

Did you know that a medical procedure that may cost several thousand dollars at your local hospital could cost up to 90% less in a foreign country? You can get anything from plastic surgery to a bypass surgery performed for a fraction of the cost. You may think that the standard of care in a foreign country would be far less than your home country, but you’d be surprised. There are so many hospitals and medical facilities that serve international patients and have a quality of care to match or exceed what you’d find at home. The Joint Commission International (JCI) is the most well known organization that gives accreditation to facilities and clinics around the world. When you choose a foreign medical facility that is accredited, it increases your chances of having a safe medical tourism experience. 

Medical Tourism: the Tourism Side 

Many people live their entire lives without traveling to a different country than the one they were born in. For some, travel abroad is an indulgence they don’t feel they can afford. But what if it had a practical purpose as well? Medical tourism knocks out two birds with one stone by allowing the medical tourist to both get high quality healthcare and get a vacation at the same time. As you recover from your medical procedure, you and your travel companion can enjoy exploring an exciting foreign country. Whether you’re looking to relax on tropical beaches or explore a bustling foreign city, you can find a medical tourism destination to suit your wishes. 

Medical Tourism Insurance 

Just like any medical work, when you engage in medical tourism, there will always be a chance that something could go amiss. Protect yourself from risks like complications with medical tourism insurance. Get a quote today. 

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