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Why Medical Tourism Complication Coverage?

If you are travelling for medical care in another country, regular travel insurance may not be adequate. Medical Travel and Complications Insurance was specifically designed to cover the exposures associated with travelling for medical care.  Let Medical Tourism Insurance help with Medical Complications Travel Coverage.

How do I know if I am Eligible?

Medical Tourism Insurance is designed for individuals, employers, and facilitators. We can provide individual solutions or customize group solutions for receiving hospitals/clinics, medical tourism facilitators or employers.  The benefits help reduce the possibility of unknown expenses as the result of a travel related accident or a complication from an approved medical procedure.

Make the Right Choices

Complication Coverage

Designed specifically to address larger financial hardships which may occur from a complication due to a medical procedure.

Travel Companion Coverage

Medical complications travel coverage for travel companions can while traveling for a medical procedure.

Liability Coverage

Designed especially for employers and facilitators to cover possible liability resulting from the implementation of a medical tourism benefit or as an outcome of coordination of medical tourism arrangements.

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