Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can facilitators offer this coverage?
  • Yes. Facilitators can offer our program on a blanket (group) or voluntary basis and we can customize the benefits specifically for your clients.

  • Why should I buy a complication insurance policy?
  • The main reasons people travel abroad for medical treatment is for quality of care and financial savings. Purchasing a medical complications plan will help mitigate the deep pocket expenses that may result from a unexpected medical complication from your procedure.

  • Who can purchase the policy?
  • Our medical complications insurance policy is available to anyone traveling outside of their home country to have a medical procedure. Certain age, citizenship and procedure restrictions apply. However, our programs are available worldwide. You do not have to be a United States citizen to apply.

  • Can I just buy standard travel insurance?
  • Standard trip or travel medical insurance policies do not provide coverage if you are traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. These types of insurances are not specifically designed for medical tourism. Please check the exclusions of a standard travel accident policy as most have an exclusion if you are travelling for the purpose of receiving medical care. We recommend a program that is specifically tailored for medical tourism.

  • What does your policy cover?
  • In addition to medical complication benefits include, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Additional Travel Costs, Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation, 24 hours assistance, baggage, trip cancellation, travel delay and much more. Please refer to your specific coverage summary to review the specific benefits for you have chosen. You can always contact us with any questions.

  • How long is my coverage benefit period?
  • For the medical travel and complications program, the standard benefit period for covered complications is 180 days after your medical procedure. Unless you are participating in a customized product through your hospital or facilitator, then the benefits may be different for that specific program.

  • Who is the insurance carrier?
  • We have access to many carriers for different policies. Depending on the type of coverage you need, we will find the best carrier or program for you.

    We represent Ironshore, Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, AIG, IMG and many other multinational A rated insurance companies.

    Please ask for the details of the specific carrier for your customized placement.

  • Where can I have a corrective procedure?
  • If you have a medical complication as a result of an approved medical tourism procedure, and the complication results in medically necessary treatment, your coverage will provide benefits for up to six months past the procedure date. You may receive treatment locally or return back to your original treating facility.

  • Can you cover my travel companion who is accompanying me on my trip?
  • Companion coverage can be included when enrolling in benefits. We actually suggest the companion obtain coverage from the same program. If there is a travel accident where you both are involved, such as a taxi accident, you will only have to call and coordinate with one assistance service.

  • Can hospitals offer this coverage?
  • Yes. Hospitals in nearly any country who receive international patients can offer the program on a blanket (group) or voluntary basis. Please contact us at for specific options for your facility.

  • Can this program be implemented into an employer self-funded health plan?
  • Yes. Group plans are available at an affordable per member per month rate or per trip rate and can also include leisure and business travel benefits. We also have program that can reduce the stop loss loss slef insured retention when utilizing the medical tourism benefits overseas.