Medical Tourism Definition

Posted by Tracy Simons on  April 25, 2012

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What is Medical Tourism? Medical tourism is the process tourists traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care to save money on costly procedures. In what is seen as surprising, many people, now travel even short distances like from the U.S.A to Canada for medical procedures. Ofcourse, the cost savings are main consideration here. Medical procedures like surgery are less expensive in Canada than in most parts of the U.S.

Medical Tourism Insurance

Posted by Tracy Simons on  April 25, 2012

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With the surge in medical tourism, there has also been rising demand to insure for medical tourism. Medical tourism insurance offers competitive insurance for medical patients traveling abroad and covers them against unforeseen costs. Medical tourism insurance covers a varied aspects of your medical trip such as trip cancellation protection, travel accommodation reimbursals, unforeseen medical expenses not covered by the scheduled medical treatment etc. Medical tourism insurance in most cases also covers unexpected expenses such
Medical Tourism Costs People from the United States, United Kingdom, and other developed countries traveling to developing nations in the search for less expensive health care has become an emerging trend these days. With medical costs only expected to rise in the developed world, medical tourism in Asia, South America, Africa, and even some Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria is all set to become a flourishing industry. According to

Medical Tourism Statistics

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Medical Tourism Statistics Don’t Lie In the last 8 years, a lot of countries from Asia, South America, and Eastern European countries have become popular destinations for medical tourism, which is expected to grow from a current $20 billion industry into a $60 billion global industry in a year or two. ccording to the survey data gathered from medical tourism services in the United Kingdom, in 2009, around 60,000 patients from the country traveled outside