Does Travel Insurance Cover Elective Medical Procedures?

Posted by titan-medical on June 15, 2019

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Most people know that your standard health insurance may only cover operations performed in another country that are deemed to be medically necessary. In some cases, your health insurance may not cover anything at all. So where does that leave the patient who chooses to travel to a different country to receive medical care – especially in the form of an elective procedure? Travel Insurance Considerations Your first thought might be that travel insurance will

Medical Tourism Facts: Australia

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Medical tourism is not just for Americans. Many Australian patients are choosing to receive medical care and elective procedures outside of their home country. The high cost of medical work in Australia is driving these patients to seek care elsewhere, despite the added costs of travel and accommodation. Here are some of the most current facts about Australian medical tourism: Most Australian medical tourists elect to receive their treatments and procedures in Asian countries, including

Who Would Benefit From Medical Tourism?

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Medical tourists are people who travel to a foreign country to receive medical procedures – usually for a far lesser cost than they would incur back home. There is a number of reasons why someone would travel all the way to another country to receive medical care. But what kind of patients most often benefit from medical tourism? The Uninsured or Underinsured Almost 1 in 5 Americans is uninsured. Many more are underinsured. These individuals

Medical Tourism in Thailand

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Thailand tops the list of medical tourism destinations. In 2017, an estimated 2.4 million international patients visited Thai hospitals for medical care. BBC Travel reported that the Thai medical tourism industry is growing at a rate of 16% each year. The Asian country has dominated the market due to three key factors: low cost of medical treatments, high quality of treatments, and high level of hospitality. The most obvious reason many international patients choose Thailand
Medical tourism is the practice of visiting a foreign country to receive healthcare, medical treatments, or surgery with the benefit of lower costs than can be found in the U.S. It is estimated that as many as 23 million Americans are expected to engage in medical tourism in the near future, and half of these people are likely to visit countries in Central and South America for their treatments. Why Latin America? The benefits of