5 Types of People Who Should Consider Medical Tourism

Medical tourism – traveling abroad to receive medical care or procedures – attracts many types of patients. There are several types of people who may be especially suited to practicing medical tourism. These people include: 

Patients seeking cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery. 

Since cosmetic surgery and other procedures such as cosmetic dental work are often not considered “medically necessary,” they are known as elective procedures. Elective means that the patient chooses to have them done. This type of medical work is one of the most common reasons that patients engage in medical tourism. Since having medical work done in a foreign country can cost less (including travel and accommodation) than having it done in a patient’s home country, medical tourism is a great option for those looking to have some cosmetic work done. Depending on where the patient goes, the standards can be extremely high and the work amazing – all for less out of pocket than having the procedure done at home! 

Retirees who want procedures not covered under government sponsored health plans for seniors.

Many countries provide government sponsored health insurance plans for retired or senior individuals. However, this coverage has limits and often may not extend to cover high cost surgeries or experimental treatments. For older patients seeking this kind of care, medical tourism is a smart choice. As long as the patient is well enough to travel, the options are endless for receiving care abroad. 

Uninsured or underinsured individuals looking for cost savings. 

When someone has inadequate or no medical insurance, having medical procedures performed can be a huge deal. This is especially true of more involved procedures such as surgeries. When an uninsured or underinsured individual travels abroad to get medical work done, their total costs can easily be less than the cost of having the work done at home. There are still costs involved, but the cost reduction makes it well worth the expense for these individuals. 

Patients seeking alternative medicine or procedures not approved in their home country.

Even the highest developed countries may not have alternative medicine or homeopathic procedures that are widely available. Countries such as India, Mexico and Malaysia offer many popular alternative medicine procedures that international patients may not have access to at home – all for a great price. 

Adventure seekers who want to get a foreign vacation alongside their medical treatment.

One of the most attractive bonuses of engaging in medical tourism is the tourism aspect! With so many excellent destinations to choose from – different countries often specialize in different procedures – you can have a relaxing vacation in a beautiful spot while receiving top quality medical care. Compared with receiving care in your own country and recovering at home, getting to recover while on vacation abroad sounds pretty great. 

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